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Comprehensive Dental Emergency Services


Comprehensive Dental Emergency Services

Unfortunately, dental emergencies do not notify you before occurring! That is why people find it difficult to tackle the situation when a dental emergency hits them. However, you can avoid such situation by getting in touch with our dental team at Westheimer Lakes Dental at 281-394-7581 right away and we will be right there for your help.

What dental emergency cases our dental health professionals handle?

Oral Pain

If you have jaw pain it can be caused from the joint in the jaw called the temporomandibular joint caused by trauma or grinding. It can cause limited opening or the feeling that your bite is off.

Tooth Pain

If you are experiencing tooth pain then first of all we would suggest you to rinse with warm water thoroughly. Floss around the tooth gently for removing any food particle that might have been stuck between your teeth or under the gum line. If you still feel the pain contact our dentists immediately and they will treat you as soon as possible.

Gum Swelling

Is your gum swelling and hurting badly? Then it is a dental emergency that needs to be treated as soon as possible! Our dentists are just a call away. You should not neglect pain or swelling of gums as these can be symptoms of an abscess or infection formed in the gum tissue or root of a tooth. Therefore, a proper dental examination must be done to identify the underlying cause!

Broken Tooth

If you have broken or damaged one of your teeth you should call immediately. Before getting in touch with us make sure to rinse your mouth with warm water for cleaning it and use firm pressure by applying a gauze to the area to stop the bleeding. And find the broken tooth pieces and take it with you. Once the bleeding stops you must apply a cold compress to the injured area to minimize swelling. In case the bleeding does not stop you need to see your dentist and go for dental emergency.

All our dental team is professionally trained and certified and have decades of experience in treating a variety of dental problems be it an emergency case or a routine check up. We understand how difficult and painful it is for people to visit a dentist when having pain in their mouth. That is why, our dental team creates a friendly and comfortable ambiance for all patients be it a kid or an adult. Our aim to provide high quality dental emergency services in and around Richmond, Texas.

So get in touch with us, Westheimer Lakes Dental immediately if you experience any sort of dental emergency!

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