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Customized Cosmetic Veneers


Customized Cosmetic Veneers

Want to enhance your smile and cosmetic appearance? Looking for the best and high quality solution? Then we at Westheimer Lakes Dental recommend you to opt for cosmetic veneers, which are thin tooth-colored shells usually made of porcelain that are attached to the front face of the tooth enhancing the cosmetic appearance. Our cosmetic veneers are custom made in high quality dental laboratory ensuring the durability and quality of the highest standards.

We Offer Highest Quality Cosmetic Veneers

We understand that how important it is to get your teeth repaired and achieve that beautiful smile. That is why, we at Westheimer Lakes Dental provide highest quality services to correct almost any smile imperfection using natural looking custom-made porcelain veneers. Placing the cosmetic veneers requires skill, precision and the artistry of professional level and our cosmetic dentist possesses all of that ensuring you that you will get your desired smile. We have helped thousands of clients in transforming their smiles beautifully with cosmetic veneers.

Cosmetic veneers precisely fit into your teeth and allow you to customize your smile the way you wish it. These veneers cover and repair any cracked or chipped teeth, improve alignment of misaligned teeth, hence, enhancing your smile seamlessly. Moreover, the cosmetic veneers are resistant to discoloring and staining. You will be amazed to know that in most of the cases the veneers tend to be stronger than your original natural teeth.

With us getting a smile makeover with porcelain veneers takes only two visits in most of the cases. We custom design your cosmetic veneers in such a way and proportion that it perfectly fits your face offering a completely natural look while giving you a charming smile that you will be glad to flaunt.

When to Use Cosmetic Veneers ?

Cosmetic veneers are used for the treatment of following dental issues:
  • Repairing the damaged, chipped, or cracked teeth;
  • Filling up any unattractive gaps and spaces between your teeth;
  • Covering sternly and unappealing stained or dark-colored teeth;
  • Making your teeth aligned and straight to get you a more appealing smile;
  • Whitening your teeth to achieve an attractive bright-white natural smile.

How the Cosmetic Veneers are applied?

During the first consultation our cosmetic dentist will examine your mouth and teeth to ensure that you are eligible for getting cosmetic veneers. Also, they will gather information about your medical history to understand your health. Once you clear all examinations, our dentist will work with you to create the customized cosmetic veneer for you to provide you that sensational smile and appearance you desire.

To begin the cosmetic veneer process our cosmetic dental team will take an impression of your teeth and help you choose the shade of white that best suits you. Within few hours you will be provided with temporary veneers that will keep your teeth protected while your custom dental veneers are being created for you. To ensure you about our quality dental services, we work with a world-class laboratory and use the finest quality porcelain for creating your custom cosmetic veneers. Once the custom cosmetic veneers are created these will be bonded to your teeth with necessary adjustments offering a comfortable and beautiful smile. So get in touch with our experienced cosmetic dentists at Westheimer Lakes Dental in Richmond, Texas and achieve your desired beautiful smile.

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